Defying Gender Stereotypes with Cosmo

I am not an avid reader of Cosmopolitan Magazine, I barely have time to read anything these days because I’m so busy. However when I am bored I do like to hop on social media. Snapchat is my personal favorite because I like to see what everyone is up to and recently they added a great new feature where they have partnered with different companies, publications and online news outlets to bring news and entertainment to snapchat in the form of daily snapchat stories. One of those publications is Cosmo. About a month ago I clicked on their story and was scrolling through it and got extremely excited because the article was titled “18 Badass Portraits of Female Rugby Players Defying Gender Stereotypes”. I even screens shotted it so I could write about it for my next post on this blog.

It wasn’t really an article but more of blurb about who the photos were of and why the photographer took them but I thought it was great that they put these photos out there knowing they have such a large audience and doing their part to combat our societies gender stereotypes.

Take a look at the rest of the photos here!



2 thoughts on “Defying Gender Stereotypes with Cosmo

  1. I have always heard of Rugby, but I never understood the sport until I did a bit of research. Just watching a short five minute video on the rules of Rugby, I saw everyone tackling each other in a cluster phobic mass and assumed the sport was closely related to wrestling, but upon closer examination I realized that they were just trying to pass the ball along to their teammates.
    I believe it is great that women are defying gender norms here in the United States. Women are just as capable achieving men’s tasks or sports just as men are capable of achieving women’s tasks. Both male and female are composed of different biological features, but genes also play a major role in our biological make up.
    Going back to chapter two, Luanne wanted to play football, but her school coach vetoed the idea. Her coach claimed that girls could not play football as well as guys because girls are less muscular, weigh less, and have less dense bodies to absorb the force of momentum. Luanne was only judged by generalizations according to her father and should have been judged based on her ability as an individual.
    In conclusion, women should be judged based on their performance even if the coach is looking out for the their well being. Not all women are made equally just as not all men are made equally.

  2. So cool! I use Snapchat often and have noticed the partnering up with other companies and publications. I should probably view those more often to see the topics like this one. I am glad women are being recognized for their strength!

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