Chile’s First Male Pregnancy

A “Matías”, or in English, a legally recognized male, was able to keep his female reproductive organs to give birth to a child. This is the first ever recorded male pregnancy in Chile’s History. The reason I chose to post this story is because in Chapter one I thought it was so interesting how the book mentioned male pregnancies and how Thomas Beatie was able to give birth to his child in 2008 (they even mention Beatie in the Article!) To be the first male in Chile recorded to give birth to a child, is exciting and a big deal! Read more about it here!

1 thought on “Chile’s First Male Pregnancy

  1. This is just more evidence as to how narrow our language concerning sex and gender is. Technically speaking, a “male” should not be able to give birth. I find it amazing that there are so many possibilities these days, and there are different types of people who don’t fit into these categories anymore.

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