The Media Stops at No Woman


There is no media outlet that is not discussing Caitlyn Jenner’s reveal. Its an inspiration and movement of acceptance for our society and the transgender community. The level of acceptance has been overwhelming. In this video I have found Jon Stewart breaks down the discussions about Caitlyn and realizes some deep issues for her and all women. People immediately began talking about her appearance using sexual words to describe her body and look. The media then went on to talk about how there must be Photoshop used and the outfits made her look better. They also compared other women to her, as well as talked about her appearance according to her age. Jon Stewart commented on this saying “of course people can not lift a woman up without tearing another down” and “yes go ahead and remind her she has an expiration date on her beauty”. He also compares how she was talked about before her transition, people use to talk about her accomplishments as Bruce, and now its her outward appearance. Here is a transgender individual opening up in hopes of raising awareness and being honest with her struggle with gender identity and the media has to analyze and comment on every aspect of the way she looks. There is an upside to this, she is being treated equally as a woman, the media does this for women left and right. They are depicted as sex objects or torn apart for their appearance not fitting the societal norms of physical attractiveness. Jon Stewart ended it perfectly saying, “welcome to being a woman in America”.

What do you all think? Did you pick up on this in the medias coverage? I did not, and enjoyed seeing this perspective. Do you feel this is how the media treats women in the media usually? Do you feel these pressures from the media or society? Were these the thoughts you had when first seeing her reveal?

Money or Parenting? How the Government Makes People Choose.

I found this video to be quite alarming and informative. I could not believe the limited amount of time off mothers receive in our country and the reasons behind legislation to help families is not being passed. We are one of two countries in the world who do not give mothers the day off for mothers day. If mothers would like to take the day off it is close to impossible, it has to be unpaid, and pass loads of restrictions. Mothers are not only losing mothers day but time off after giving birth. In a world that pressures women to have it all, balancing being a mother and working, mothers are not getting enough unpaid or paid leave off. This puts their job and financial security at risk or the time needed to tend for a newborn.

I also found it interesting and relevant that they spoke of the mostly nonexistent time fathers get off after having a child born. Showing that we still live in a society that only views women staying home to tend for the child. Paternal leave is important because they are both parents, and many families have nontraditional parenting or a household where both parents work. Almost all leave taken by parents after their child is born is unpaid time off, putting a financial compromise on themselves. What was really shocking was the reasoning behind lobbyists and legislators keeping these restrictions and lack of benefits on new parents.

What do you all think? Do you find this opinion just? Or do you agree with how things are now? Has this affected your parents or someone you know? Why is our culture unhelpful to new parents compared to other cultures?