Sorority Recruitment & Transgendered Students

Within the last few months, both Brown University and Missouri State have changed their Recruitment requirements to include transgendered students. At Brown University, all three sororities on campus, Kappa Delta, Alpha Chi Omega and Kappa Alpha Theta had to vote to change the rules. Those going through the process are not required to put their sex, only their birth name and the name in which they prefer to be called.

Catcalled in a Parka

Within an article found in People, a woman in NYC was catcalled, followed and told she had “good legs” when she was fully covered, wearing a long parka and tall boots. Her Instagram picture has gone viral as she highlights on the sickening perceptions that individuals place on a woman’s body, and their appearance.

Christen Brandt’s story, pleads for the realization that the female body is often assumed to be sexual and sensual, despite what the woman chooses to wear or how she wishes to look. Often times people attribute femininity to showing skin or wearing sexy outfits, however this article displays that a woman can still receive negative gestures even if they are fully clothed and not showing any skin at all.