Be Whoever You Want…But don’t be a boy

In Today’s society, children are encouraged to do things that makes them happy and be whoever they want to be. In this article, a young girl is removed for school because she acts too much like a boy. The physical appearcne of this young girl also plays a role in how people at the Christian school precieve her. Children should be given a chance to explore and play with their appearances.

The school should not have the right to force her to follow the biblical standards. It goes to show the difference between a Christian school and a public school. The public schools now have to follow Title IX, and giving equal education. However, what rule keeps private institutions from discriminating. Is this fair?

Here is the news story video:




What If…

I came across this article on Facebook about what if women in commercials were played by men. It is interesting to watch these commercials because I felt that some of them did not completely make sense. I knew that women added to the sex appeal of products, but I did not realize how much the commercials changed when men entered the role. It is the language used and how people depict the “stereo-typical” women.



We Just Can’t Get it Right.

The physical appearance for women is a harsh one. It is difficult for some women to be happy with their body because of the scrutinizing that the media causes for women in society today. Many times in order for women to feel a since of self-worth, they have to look perfect.

The article pasted here is one that has been circling the internet.

Biggest Loser, Rachel Fredrickson won this past season of the competition after losing close to 60% of her body fat. She is now being called to thin. So first she was over weight and now she is too thin. As a women, we cannot win. We are scrutinized for being to fat and too thin. So the question is…Can we ever win in the eyes of society?