“Facebook is now allowing users to identify as any gender they want”

I ran across a tweet that contained a link to this article. I couldn’t think of anything more relevant to our discussions in this course. The discussion that has developed in the comments at the bottom of the page are almost as interesting as this change itself. It’s exciting to see some serious inclusion going on here. Way to go, Facebook!

BUTCH – Meg Allen Studio


One of my favorite collection of photos is by photographer Meg Allen, based out of San Francisco. The gallery titled “BUTCH” is described on Allen’s website as

an environmental portraiture project and exploration of the butch aesthetic, identity and presentation of female masculinity as it stands in 2013-14. It is a celebration of those who dwell outside of the stringent social binary that separates the sexes and a glimpse into the private and often unseen spaces of people who exude their authentic sense of self.

Meg Allen

Meg Allen was one of the very first individuals that I thought of when I was first informed about the Gender Watch blog. There is something so beautiful and interesting about her work that allows us to step into the lives of the individuals represented in our discussions. I simply had to share and I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do.