“I’m not your mom”

Being in this Gender Communications class has really opened up my eyes to how often we use gender roles in communication. For instance, just the other day one of my friends was telling us a story about how he had to clean up after some guys in his lab and said “I’m not your mom, why can’t you clean up after yourselves?” And my other friend stated “why does it have to be a mom, why can’t it be a dad?” This then turned into an almost screaming argument of  of gender roles. The argument really mirrored what we talked about in class and in the online lectures. Not the screaming of course, but the discussion that was going on between my two friends. Why are certain people classified in these certain roles? Not every mom cleans, so why did my friend say “I’m not your mom”? Has society taught him to think that way? Why does society think that way?

Bait a Hook

In the Justin Moore song “Bait a Hook”, it takes the traits of what is known to be a southern man and demeans the man who isn’t as “manly” as Justin in this song. Nothing against Justin, he is my favorite country artist of all time. However, the song does show a glimpse of gender “norms” and discrimination of not following those gender “norms”. Even though it may be a small example of a man acting less manly than another it is a prime example of discrimination for not following what is said to be a gender “norm”.