Ford’s Speed Dating Breaks Gender Norms


This Valentine’s Day, instead of breaking hearts, Ford is breaking gender norms with their ad titled “Speed Dating”. In their ad, Ford recruits a professional female stunt driver to go on a series of blind dates with unsuspecting men.

While on the date, the stunt driver offers to give her dates a lift in her new 2015 Mustang. Upon first entering the car, her dates clearly pull from the stereotype that “women can’t drive”. Her dates make comments such as, “Should I drive?”, “I could show you a thing or two”, and a few even instruct her on when to switch gears. Little do they know they are in for a big surprise.

During the drive, the stunt driver tries to “turn around” in an empty parking lot. However, instead of turning around she puts the pedal to the metal and reaches speeds of 120mph while doing a series of doughnuts. The guys are clearly surprised at their date’s capabilities and feel that they had wrongly stereotyped her.

Ford is showing the world this Valentine’s Day that women can break out of their gender boxes.

Wearing Pants is the New Black

Tis’ the season, award season that is! Each year around this time people all over the globe anticipate the fashion that will strut down the red carpet. This is a time when men are expected to break out their tuxedoes, and the leading ladies to model the latest gowns from today’s hottest designers.

However, this year Emma Stone rocked the Golden Globe Award’s red carpet earlier this month wearing pants! PANTS?! And don’t you know it she looked stunning! At first I had to take a moment because I wasn’t sure what to think. Shouldn’t she be wearing a full-length ball gown? I realize now that I was so shocked because this went against what I had viewed as “normal” for a woman to wear on a red carpet.

Emma Stone’s fashion risk paid off and fashionistas everywhere were applauding her decision to wear pants in a sea of gowns. One article by MTV even headlined, Emma Stone, Hero, Wears Pants to the Golden Globes.

Emma Stone’s look challenges the idea of what the “ideal woman” should wear and look like.