“Inspire Her Mind”


We have all been in Samantha’s shoes at least once before. Either we weren’t acting the way gender norms believed we should be or we were pushing the limits of gender norms. When we challenge gender norms we are immediately questioned and judged by others. Boys are supposed to be “manly” just like their fathers and girls are supposed to be “girly” just like their mother. Many of us fear the reaction of others when we go against the gender norms. Just because gender norms work for so many doesn’t necessarily mean they work for all.

It’s heart breaking to see how Social Learning can affect children in a negative way when they are forming their gender identities. We learn to behave certain ways based on rewards and punishments we receive from the people around us. This Verizon commercial is a perfect example of how punishment was given to a young girl when she was forming her own gender identity, which then steered her away from something she really enjoyed.



I was scrolling through Facebook and I always find myself getting sucked into watching all the videos posted on my newsfeed. I took a second to watch this video and couldn’t help but to think about Gender Media. The video makes a very good point, why is the phrase “like a girl” an insult?