Aint No Way to Treat a Lady

When I first started learning about gender and gender norms in this class, I could not help but think of country music videos. As many people know, country music tends to stereotype men and women into gender roles, especially women. Girls wearing sexy or skimpy clothing, being objectified to please her man, and shown doing the domestic work are all interpreted from many country songs and music videos. Recently, Maddie and Tae’s breakout hit, “Girl in a Country Song,” breaks away from the stereotypes that have been laid on women and throws them right back at you. The artists took various hit country songs objectifying women and rewrote the lyrics for a twist outlook. Maddie and Tae’s lyrics tell us that girls are not a cliché and deserve some respect. The music video even takes a different approach and uses role reversal by dressing the men up as “the stereotypical country girl.” I think “Girl in a Country Song” is a humorous and lighthearted way of breaking away from the gender norms and showing that girls have the right to a little respect.


3 thoughts on “Aint No Way to Treat a Lady

  1. I definitely agree with you. I don’t usually listen to country music but I have seen some of the music videos and most of the time they do have women in the background dancing in skimpy clothing or doing “domestic work”. I watched this video a little while back and I loved it because it is making fun of the fact that men think this way, especially country men who are supposed to be “Southern Gentlemen” who know how to treat a lady right. And even though they are talking about Country songs in this, you could also apply it to Hip Hop/Rap videos as well. This is definitely breaking away from gendered norms.

  2. I thought it was a really good idea for you to make a post about this song and its music video. When it first came out, everyone was making fun of the guys in the video for being dressed in girl clothes, but it actually is a good perspective. It is a humorous way to say that girls shouldn’t be treated the way they are in “country songs”. This different approach tells women it is okay to be different and not conform to the different stereotypes.

  3. I love this so much! I’ve grown up listening to country music, so I have heard all of the stereotypes as well as how they have changed throughout the years. In the song, they say things such as “how in the world did it go so wrong? Like all we’re good for is looking good for you and your friends on the weekend, nothing more. We used to get a little respect, now we’re lucky if we even get to climb up in your truck, keep our mouth shut and ride along”. In my opinion, this is how girls have let guys treat them because it is better to get attention than be respected. There is such a disrespectful image of women in today’s society (including country music) that this song is proving is wrong. Women deserve to be treated well and be more than a pretty face. This proves the gender norms and dressing the men up as the “stereotypical country girl” shows that these expectations are specifically for women. I love that women are trying to break away from the negative side of gender norms in order to focus more on the respect side. It takes a lot to overcome norms that are set upon us.

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