A waitress waits my waiting dad

I can’t believe I’ve never noticed this before, BUT when I was out to dinner with my family our waitress was just so great. She was so nice… to my dad. She was so polite… to my dad. She was just over the top… to my dad. At the end of our dinner the waitress brought the check around and as my mom lifted her hand from under the table, the waitress made a b-line straight for my dad’s hand and gave him the check. I couldn’t believe it and I’m almost positive this has happened more than once, but now I notice it all the time and I see it at other tables as well. I wonder if it’s the same with a male waiter.

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  1. This is an interesting phenomena that you have noticed! I know that personally, I do not agree with the notion that the male is supposed to pay when going out as a family or even on a date. I believe in paying for my fair share, and sometimes even picking up the tab myself, but never expect to be paid for. Also, having been a waitress myself, I tried especially hard not to do these types of things. I generally tried to drop the check off in the middle of the table, and find it interesting that some people still cling to these old-fashioned, men must pay ideas.

  2. Hi Meghan,

    That is a very interesting cue you picked up on regarding waitresses and restaurants. My dad and I go out to lunch once every two weeks or so. Whenever we go out they generally bring it over to him. Aside from the family aspect, I think it is interesting in general to think about who is typically assumed to “pick up the tab” at a restaurant. I’ve heard of some girls who only believe the male (or their date) should buy the meal, which is an action that I do not believe that at all. It is nice when he buys the meal occasionally, however in my opinion, I do not mind buying my own food or even his occasionally either. The concept of “picking up the tab” whether on a date or with family, brings about a lot of questions regarding males and females.

    Great post!

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