Relevant Theories


The bandwagon effect is kind of like the saying, monkey see monkey do, or like a snowball rolling down a mountain gathering more snow as it keeps on rolling. This theory states that if something becomes popular and gets a strong following, more people are likely to jump onto the “bandwagon” and promote said item/thought/value.

The fact that Disney is only portraying one specific gender role for each sex insinuates that only those gender roles are acceptable in society and therefore are more popularized. For example, heterosexual relationships are only present in Disney films and homosexuality is absent.

The Looking Glass Theory
The looking glass theory is the way that we perceive ourselves in comparison to others views and then the views that we have at birth. The Looking glass theory works with the Disney Princess ideas because most little girls see a Disney Princess and want to act out their actions. The little girls see themselves as walking,talking,breathing princesses and therefore believe that society sees them that way. The more that the girls act out this princess idea then the more that believe that they are one and that other people are seeing them as princesses.

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