Writing and Research

Learning Highlights

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Biggest Takeaway

Approaching writing as a scientific discipline, this course required me to look at writing in methods drastically different than my high school English classes. Not only did I learn new procedures  for writing research papers and reflections, I discovered how to view writing and rhetoric as an experimental process. This class provided me with applicable professional skills useful in any career field.

Work Sample

After studying the rhetoric field as a science, my research paper allowed me to explore writing in my own field as a science. I selected to study the best practices for developing research questions and thesis statements, as it was a necessary skill for many of my history papers. This assignment was extremely helpful once I began to do my own research; when beginning more challenging topics, I had already learned necessary writing and research skills from this paper. However, my research is has flaws as I did not fully understand how to best analyze and understand my data at the time.

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