Honors Courses

Senior Honors Research

Fall 2018- Spring 2019

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Children’s Literature

Fall 2017

Conflict in Virginia’s Places and Past

Fall 2017



Spring 2017



Fall 2016


American Politics, American Cinema

Fall 2016


World Literature

Spring 2016

Prior to this assignment, I had never used the technique of writing my own work of fiction to analyze novels. Using two characters from the novels One Hundred Years of Solitude and The Meursault Investigation, I connected and analyzed the universal theme of tragedy across location and time. However, the dialogue is not perfect; I think there is more for improvement in character development.

Modern Western Civilization

Spring 2016


Writing and Research

Fall 2015

After studying the rhetoric field as a science, my research paper allowed me to explore writing in my own field as a science. I selected to study the best practices for developing research questions and thesis statements, as it was a necessary skill for many of my history papers. This assignment was extremely helpful once I began to do my own research; when beginning more challenging topics, I had already learned necessary writing and research skills from this paper. However, my research is has flaws as I did not fully understand how to best analyze and understand my data at the time.

Foundations of Western Civilization

Fall 2015

By far my most unique writing assignment for my Foundations of Western Civilization class, I wrote a work of time travel fiction, featuring medicine technologies in Anglo-Saxon England. My paper incorporated elements of Bald’s Leechbook, a primary source text, to legitimize my work of historical fiction. Scientific phenomenons described in the paper are also based in truth; the story was initially inspired by RadioLab’s Staph Retreat. However, my knowledge of Chicago-style citations was still developing while writing this paper; the footnotes section has room for improvement.

Meeting Wes Moore at the library

Longwood Seminar

Fall 2015

After reading The Other Wes Moore and observing current events unfold on the news, I was made more aware of the large amount of white privilege in American society. The writing assignment I completed for a Longwood course, the essay required me to analyze racism’s effect on Wes Moore’s life. Since writing the essay, both my writing style and ability have transitioned to a more collegiate level.

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