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Meeting Wes Moore at the library

| Goal 1: Longwood Seminar

Fall 2015

After reading The Other Wes Moore and observing current events unfold on the news, I was made more aware of the large amount of white privilege in American society. The writing assignment I completed for a Longwood course, the essay required me to analyze racism’s effect on Wes Moore’s life. Since writing the essay, both my writing style and ability have transitioned to a more collegiate level.

| Goal 2: Writing and Research

Fall 2015

After studying the rhetoric field as a science, my research paper allowed me to explore writing in my own field as a science. I selected to study the best practices for developing research questions and thesis statements, as it was a necessary skill for many of my history papers. This assignment was extremely helpful once I began to do my own research; when beginning more challenging topics, I had already learned necessary writing and research skills from this paper. However, my research is has flaws as I did not fully understand how to best analyze and understand my data at the time.

| Goal 3: Culture Through Literature

World Literature, Spring 2016

Prior to this assignment, I had never used the technique of writing my own work of fiction to analyze novels. Using two characters from the novels One Hundred Years of Solitude and The Meursault Investigation, I connected and analyzed the universal theme of tragedy across location and time. However, the dialogue is not perfect; I think there is more for improvement in character development.

| Goal 4: Artistic Achievement

Women’s Choral Ensemble, Fall 2017- Fall 2018


| Goal 5: Mathematical Thought

Statistical Decision Making, Spring 2017


| Goal 6: Natural Science Inquiry

Achieved in high school

I earned credit for Biology 101: Biological Concepts through AP Biology in high school to achieve this goal. Prior to the class, I was passionate about chemistry and engineering, but dreaded biology. However, the class allowed me to explore biology unlike how I had in previous courses and develop a deep appreciation for the material. Completing current event assignments were a regular requirement for the course; listening and writing reflections for programs like RadioLab helped expose me more to the field. Unfortunately, I only have a draft saved from my first reflection; the report was written in response to a program on various patient zeros throughout history.

| Goal 7: History of Western Civilization

Foundations of Western Civilization, Fall 2015


| Goal 8: Contemporary Society

Achieved in high school

To achieve the Contemporary Society goal, I earned credit for History 221: U.S. History, Colonial to 1877 through AP U.S. History in high school. The course helped me increase my understanding of U.S. history, develop my writing skills, and introduced me to a more-intense-than-college workload. As a reward for hard work in the class, my class created video presentations instead of taking a written final exam. The video below highlighting headlines of the 1960’s allowed  me to bring out creativity with script writing. 

Studying for the AP exam…

| Goal 9: Diversity

Achieved in high school

To achieve the Diversity goal, I earned credit for History 210: World History through AP World History in High School. Though I did not learn as many college-applicable skills as I did in other AP courses, I taught myself many critical studying strategies in order to prepare for the AP exam.

| Goal 10: Foreign Language Competency

Intermediate French I, Fall 2016

| Goal 11: Physical Activity

Fall 2016

| Goal 12: Ethics

Spring 2019

Information coming soon!

| Goal 13: Written Discourse

Conflicts in Virginia’s Places and Past, Fall 2017

| Goal 14: Internship

Internship in Public History, Summer 2016

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