Junior Year


Sophomore Year

Continuing into my second year at Longwood, I continued to volunteer to assist the local community.

Freshman Year

FACES Food Pantry

Throughout my first year at Longwood, I’ve had many opportunities to volunteer in Farmville. As part of the Joan of Arc Leadership Development Program, I’ve regularly sorted and distributed food with F.A.C.E.S. for needy families. With the Honors College, I harvested broccoli for food banks on the Fall 2015 service retreat, sold tickets for the Honors Student Association’s SPCA dance, registered runners for the 2015 High Bridge Half Marathon and 5K, cleared trails at Twin Lakes State Park, and participated with service activities on the 2015 Honors Retreat.

By working in the Farmville community, I have learned firsthand both the positive effects volunteers can bring to impoverish communities. With help provided local college students, organizations are able to increase the number of people they aid. F.A.C.E.S., one of the most successful food pantries in Virginia, has an copious of volunteers brought by local schools allowing the food pantry to distribute food swiftly.

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