Photo Taken By: Brea Fowlkes

Written By: Richie Kamtchoum

As the debate intensified outside of the Fox News watch center on her campus, Hofstra University student Angelica Beneke departed from the area as if she’d had enough.

“It’s been pretty much more or less what I’ve expected from both candidates,” Beneke said. “I expected Hillary to appear poised and prepared and Donald Trump to comment on basically everything she says.”

A prime target for presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Beneke is an undecided voter and, at least up until that point, didn’t think either candidate truly impressed her. “I’m thrilled to vote, but I don’t know who to vote for,” Beneke said.

Despite such, she gave credit to each candidate’s mastery of appealing to their followers. “I’m not really a big fan of either of their policies, but they do make them both sound appealing to their voter base,” Beneke said.

Interestingly enough, when asked about Jill Stein’s escort off of Hofstra’s campus earlier that evening, Beneke claimed she’d been considering voting for Stein or Gary Johnson. However, Beneke insisted it’d be useless as “America’s not ready for a third party candidate as of yet.”

The one thing that has impressed Beneke is the university’s atmosphere surrounding the event. “Normally people would just be walking and going to class with serious faces, but on the days leading up to the debate, there was this heightened atmosphere and everybody seemed to be really proud of Hofstra University,” she said.