Photo Taken By: Brea Fowlkes

Unsurprisingly, protests took place just outside of Hofstra’s main campus a few hours before the presidential debate was set to begin. Issues such as police brutality, raising minimum wage and LGBTQ laws were peacefully protested for a couple hours by people of all ages.

In the midst of the demonstration stood two young Hofstra University students, Adam Gustafson and Beck Galbraith, protesters that feel their issues are largely being ignored by the presidential candidates.

“I would like to bring awareness to issues I don’t feel like will be covered in the debate, so a lot of LGBTQI and plus issues, water for flint that is clean, black lives matter, feminist issues,” Gustaafson said. “Just a lot of issues that don’t get enough coverage right now.”

As far as which candidate has a leg up on the other regarding those social issues, Gustafso exclaimed, “Oh for sure Hillary without question.” Galbraith deemed the event to be non-partisan but made sure to include that there’s one candidate that addresses the issues more readily. “Regardless of the decision the United States make, hopefully the candidate will recognize them and work with us to fight them,” Galbraith said.

In light of the recent protests in Charlotte, both students felt peace was the main message that needed to be spread. “We’re not trying to perpetuate violence or condone violence, we’re trying to end violence,” Gustafson said.

Both Gustafson and Galbraith have all eyes on the debate and along with all issues the U.S. faces, hope one candidate stands out for social change.

Written By: Richie Kamtchoum