Photo Taken By: Brea Fowlkes

Zach Wolpoff

Senior Hofstra U student

Amidst a swarm of students, volunteers and media professionals stood Zach Wolpoff, a senior Hofstra University student, handy with Trump the Game. Originally a board game from the 1980s, according to Wolpoff it resurfaced in 2004 when Trump launched “The Apprentice.”

The game centers around running around making investments, paying taxes, getting rent off of properties or as Wolpoff put it, “Pretty much you’re going through the life of Trump in the 80s”. In fact, the game serves as a partial joke for what Wolpoff describes as a businessman running for president that hasn’t really said much.

Although he’s been unsatisfied with the inherent chaos that’s been caused by the debate, he’s looking forward to what the the candidates, Trump in particular, will say. “Should be a lot of fun to watch, hopefully Trump has something to say about his policies,” Wolpoff said. “Foreign policy, with TPT that’s going to be huge and also the whole what are they going to do with Isis thing.”

As far as Wolpoff is concerned, the quality of each candidate’s message will determine who he casts his vote for in November. “I think it definitely will help me understand who on Earth I’m going to vote for, because I don’t know,” Wolpoff said. As far as that board game he’s sporting around, he insists its pretty fun to play.

Written By: Richie Kamtchoum