Photo Taken By: Brea Fowlkes

Bahati Louis

Perched on a bench outside Adams Playhouse in relative silence sat Bahati Louis, a Hofstra University student that’s leaning towards voting for Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s main opposition, Donald Trump, has been a thorn on the side for Louis and a character she’s grown to hate.

“I’m sick at the fact that Trump is going to be on our campus and spewing his racist comments,” Louis said. The disdain for Trump has manifested into in a more active approach to the black lives matter movement for Louis, as she’s concerned for the future of black people in the U.S.

As far as Trump’s latest move to appeal to black voters, having Don King speak on his behalf, Louis views it as a salvation tactic. “I just feel like Trump is getting whatever famous black person on his side to try to appear to seem like he has black friends and that it’s acceptable for black people to vote for him because he has these black supporters.”

Louis’ vehement rebuke of Trump has forced her to pay attention to other candidates, mainly Clinton, in a tightly-contested race. “Hillary, even though I was more of a Bernie supporter, I do think she’s going to do a way better job than Trump. I don’t know,” Clinton said.

As for the Libertarian candidate, not so much. “Gary Johnson is a non-factor to me because who cares,” Louis said. Also, according to Louis, the event itself has caused sort of a silence amongst Hofstra students. “On campus, no one is really discussing the debate because they are embarrassed by either side they’re repping.”

Although her fellow students may not be openly claiming a candidate, Louis knows and it’s not Trump.

Written By: Richie Kamtchoum