Jan 12 2017

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Work Sample

This is an infographic I created about the Achievement Gap in America’s schools for LSTU 300.

achievement gap


This is a project I completed for my ENGL 400 class. The picture is of my mom and me at my preschool when I was 3 years old. She is one of my biggest influences in life. I included the Teach For America quote because at the time, joining TFA was my ultimate dream.

engl 400


This is a slide from a slideshow about the 2016 election that I created to present to students in a local 12th grade government class.

2016 Presidential Election

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Dec 27 2016

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This resume includes my pre-service teaching experience, additional work experience, volunteer experience, as well as awards and activities. Simply put, this resume is me on paper. I wish to use this resume as a tool for future employers so that they may see my hard work coupled with who I am as a person.


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Dec 17 2016

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School Counseling

For this first blog post, I am going to address what career I am currently working towards. Though I am a currently a Liberal Studies student, my goal after completing undergrad is to go to graduate school in hopes of obtaining my Masters Degree in School Counseling. While perusing recent articles about school counselors, I discovered an article published 12 hours ago about a counselor in Iowa. The title of the article is “The Counselor: Detective, cheerleader, and coach.” The title intrigued me because as a school counselor. I not only want to help my students reach graduation, but I want to help them develop post graduation plans as well as support them in every way possible, including extracurricular activities and  mental health issues. I began researching graduate school options two years ago. That is when I discovered school counseling. I have always wanted to be in a school when I finish my own schooling, and I think counseling is my best fit.



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