Compared to the benefits of implementing a financial education program for domestic violence survivors, the costs required are extremely low, with a monetary total of only $29.96, which includes fliers, orientation packets for volunteers and participants, and all writing materials.

The financial education program relies primarily on the active participation of Longwood University and the surrounding community, and the most important factor in implementing the program is student participation. At least eight student volunteers and one faculty sponsor, as well as the staff of Madeline’s House, are required to successfully run the program. The following plan of action outlines the steps necessary to establish and manage a program in Prince Edward County in the Spring of 2013:

July 2012:
1. Acquire all financial management materials and other teaching aides from relevant agencies.
2. Observe grant deadlines and apply for all that the seminar qualifies to receive.
3. Solicit both monetary and material donations from local businesses.
4. Discuss the seminar with interested faculty members and locate faculty to serve as an adviser for the seminar.

August 2012:
1. E-mail student body with information on volunteer opportunities with the seminar.
2. Interview and select student volunteers.
3. Ensure victims at Madeline’s House receive information on the seminar through the use of fliers or handouts.

September 2012:
1. Hold an orientation meeting for selected student volunteers on order to introduce them to the curriculum, to discuss any scheduling conflicts (at least three volunteers must be present for each seminar meeting), and to allow Madeline’s House staff to explain proper protocol in working with domestic violence survivors. Ensure all student volunteers sign a confidentiality agreement.

October 2012:
1. Finalize seminar roster.
2. Prepare all materials including information packets, writing materials (pencil and notebook), and any reading materials collected through financial organizations.
3. Begin workshop on Monday, October 15—meet bi-weekly on Mondays and Thursdays until Thursday, November 9.

November 2012:
1. On the final night of the seminar, provide attendees, student volunteers, and other involved persons with a survey in which they can rate the seminar and provide constructive feedback.

This blog offers a simple and effective program that Longwood University students can implement in partnership with Madeline’s House. If you are not a Longwood student, but would like to be a part of a program like this in your community, please contact me by e-mail at


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