How far will a women go for love?

October 5th, 2012

Women want to be loved, who doesn’t? Women are known for going too far for love, but why? Are women’s minds trained for them to over think, fantasize, and relive movie scenarios? A big part of why women think like this are magazines. Are the magazine articles right or wrong, I don’t know.

The main place I see young women reading these articles is college. College is a huge mating ground. We are all living on our own for the first time, at our thriving sexual age, and alcohol plays a huge part in our sexual desire. Women, college especially, are looking for that one special person, how do you know when he loves you? Apparently Cosmopolitan magazine has 8 signs that will tell you if he loves you.

Does he love me feeds girls brains with ideas of what they’re boyfriend or significant other should be doing if they really “loved” them. For example, the article states if he’s okay with you answering his phone, bam he loves you. Women will automatically start to consider everything as a sign of love just because what they’ve read.

This article isn’t the only article that gives women the wrong idea:¬†There is how to get your ex back, 8 ways to fix a bad kisser , and 7 signs you’re really in love. These articles¬†all give women “helpful hints” to do what is being proposed. Wait but what if it doesn’t work? That is the main problem. The hurt, naive, young college women put their trust in these magazines being so disappointed when it does not turn out how it was “supposed to”. Are these articles giving women helpful tips or false hope?


2 Responses to “How far will a women go for love?”

  1. Devontia on October 5, 2012 2:45 pm

    I agree that articles like these give false hope to women about love. But in our society today that is is what happens constantly. We are feed the “american dream” from child hood and most of us want it, but no know how to get it. Therefore we turn to articles for advice and value the opinion of others. And when it is not getting done society teaches us to go look for the answer from a trusted sources, which is articles for some individuals.

    -Devontia Talley

  2. Steed Johnson on October 9, 2012 6:25 pm

    I am going to speak from a guys perspective, I realize this particular post may be pointed more towards women, but I think herring from a guy may be beneficial. I read through each of the links that were posed on the page and I picked the one that seemed almost hilarious it was so false. The article that I chose was the article from the “Cosmopolitan” titled: “Does he love me? Guys spill on signs he’s hooked” The statement “he buys me food I like” that was a sign of if a guy really likes you, that was the one I just started laughing at. Of course if we go on a date I am going to buy you food I like, I want you to have fun and go back and tell your friends how awesome it was and how sweet I was, it makes me look good. Plus, why would I buy you something you don’t like? I just think articles like these are so un-beneficial to girls and make them thing that everything is a sign that a guy likes them. Its a great way to get readers and magazines sold to girls, but its not true and is it making the teen girls in America wish for a fairytale ending, that may never come?

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