Blog Requirements

We are using the blog system to exercise your ability to write for a public audience and also write digitally for academic purposes.  This medium should require some thinking about language, style, and format.  Consider that this blog (if you don’t have one already for another class) is the beginning of your academic digital identity.

I.                     Create a Title and Tagline and select the theme organic to this course


II.                  About You page

It should introduce you as an academic member, then as a member of the local community.

1)      Introduce something about yourself (please avoid Hi my name is…) and provide an overview of the blog’s goals.

2)      Describe your scholarly identity in the university.
What are you curious about?
What do you enjoy studying?

3)      Post a picture of yourself or an image that represents your personality in a professional way.


III.                You should have 5 pages total for the blog.

1)      An About You page

2)      A page for Paper 3 Writing in the University

3)       3 pages: each page should cover how a specific paper reaches or tries to reach an English 150 outcome.  One paper should come from another class.  Two papers come from our class.

a.      Post the full paper as a pdf

b.      Create a page on the paper which gives a condensed version of the paper.

                                                                          i.      Give context to the paper in the paragraph before the paper by telling us what we will see, in what class the paper was assigned, and the course or professor’s goal(s) for the paper.

                                                                        ii.      You may find you need to cut paragraphs to ‘fit’ the small visual area of a computer screen.

                                                                      iii.      Break the paper and insert your commentary to explain what outcome we see you specifically dealing with in the paper.

                                                                       iv.      Add an image that illustrates a perspective of the paper



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