All about Ashley

Have you ever been interested in reading all about the views and opinions of a freshman in college? Well if it just so happens that you’re a rare one in one hundred, you came to the right place. My name is Ashley and I am a Freshman Physical Education and Health Education Major at Longwood University. This blog was created in order to share my writing and to show a glimpse of who I am currently and who I’m planning to become at Longwood.

Being a freshman in college can be an extremely challenging role to take on, but with all of the help that Longwood offers it makes the journey a little easier. Curiosity and worrying plays a major role in my life, especially now. I’m constantly thinking whether or not things will go as planned or if one change will be a mistake. I already changed my major from what I had originally intended and I’m curious to see how my new journey plays out for me.

With the extra time I have while not working on something school related I like to be on the go doing some sort of activity. Some things I enjoy include running, playing softball, hiking, camping, taking road trips, and simply spending as much time as possible with my family and friends. While being at Longwood I intend to partake in all of those activities while studying as much as possible in the area of Physical Education and Health Education along with glimpses of other subjects so that I can broaden my knowledge base.

After just becoming what I consider to be a Longwood Citizen, I plan to play my part in both the Longwood University Community and the Farmville Community. I plan to do that by volunteering, voting, and joining a few clubs and organizations. Some of the organizations and clubs I plan on getting involved in include Relay for Life, YoungLife, Outdoor Club, and F.A.C.E.S.

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