Your Teams

I have assigned your teams. Some individual topics may still be in flux, but the teams are stable. I strongly suggest that each of you make a point to introduce yourselves to your teammates and begin tracking each others’ blogs.


  1. Megan Clements, Michelle McMaster, Kathleen Wilcox (added)
  2. Kelsey Garletts, Tyler Wilkerson, McKenzie Davis (added)
  3. (moved to Teams 1 and 2)
  4. Shelby Klock, Danielle Murray, April Shenk
  5. Hope Brooks, Miguel Leal, Kyle Phelps
  6. Cortney Barden, Jenny Silva, Alison Tyler


  1. Barden, Cortney          LU Food Service and Bonus Cash (Bucks?)               6
  2. Brooks, Hope             Hunger in Farmville                                   5
  3. Clements, Megan          Extending the LU Fitness Center hours
  4. Davis, McKenzie          Teen pregnancy and Sex Education
  5. Garletts, Kelsey            Pollution and the Chesapeake Bay
  6. Klock, Shelby               Depression among adolescents in HS
  7. Leal-Mantilla, Miguel     Off-Campus Fraternity Inclusion                                                           
  8. McMaster, Michelle       LU transport and parking
  9. Murray, Danielle            Student Safety/Yorktown Road
  10. Phelps, Kyle                 Need for better orientation for transfer students
  11. Shenk, April                 Student safety — elementary schools and security
  12. Silva, Jenny                Environment: put new power lines under the James river
  13. Tyler, Alison               Reducing the Petersburg Crime rate; Attracting teachers
  14. Wilcox, Kathleen       Campus Health — basic emergency medical training
  15. Wilkerson, Tyler        Recycling in Mecklenburg         

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