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ENGL 400 Social Issues Blog Guidelines(1) (PDF file)
This file provides the instructions for the Social Issues Blog Posts and Blog responses.

Citation Suggestions

After more consideration, to keep things simple, but also in a way you can reference, I would like you to apply the in-text MLA citation format within your blog entries.
I strongly suggest that you read through these examples. What this does mean is that at the end of every entry you will need to provide the proper MLA list of Works Cited.
Purdue OWL: MLA In-Text Citations

Blog Post Topics.

The syllabus includes the topics and scheduled due dates of both your blog entries and when you must respond to the posts of your teammates. These are copied below:
  1. Define Your Social Issue Due: 09/13
    Responses: 09/19
    Define your social issue and frame it for your readers. You must introduce the stakeholders, establish the main positions or stances, and set the scope of the issue; you will return to flesh each of these elements out in later posts. In addition, provide one critical summary of a reputable source that helped you define your issue.
  2. Issue History Due: 09/19
    Responses: 09/26
  3. Stakeholders Due: 09/26
    Response: 10/03
  4. Problem Definition and Positions Due: 10/03
    Responses: 10/10
  5. Issue Abstract and Position Blog Due: 10/10
    Responses: 10/17
  6. Redefining and Narrowing Your Scope Due: 10/24
    Responses: 10/31
  7. Defining Your Solution Due: 10/31
    Responses: 11/07
  8. Local or Institutional Resistance to Your Solution Due: 11/07
    Responses: 11/14
  9. OPTIONAL — Rhetorical Response to Thank You for Smoking
    Due: FRIDAY 12/06

Reminder: Blog Response Audits on October 15 and November 27.

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