Thank you for smoking analysis

Thank you for smoking

when using extreme examples use hyperbole to make them seem less extreme.

“argue correctly your never wrong”

When starting with a question to get peoples attention, it can be an effective method to show your expertise.

  • Question expertise when someone tries to disprove your point. Ex. Cellphones cause cancer. According to what studies? Who did the studies? Is it 100% true

Statistics can be used to show knowledge, and a  good pathway to the real argument.

  • Play the part look assertive, know your audience

By imposing your expertise quickly and precisely, you are able to talk freely. This allows you to talk with confidence, and having people think that what ever you have say is based on knowledge and not just assumptions.

Find how to visually appeal the audience, it’s easier to convince someone who already has a positive outlook of you as person, even if the topic is controversial. “play the part, if your talking about neuro science and you’re a doctor, maybe wear your doctor’s robe. Don’t be extreme though if you’re an astronaut don’t wear your space gear.

When arguing, do not just think how your arguments will affect the person directly talking to, but people who are listening potential allies. This was the example when they talked about chocolate or vanilla being the best flavor. He didn’t make the point that vanilla is the best, but dispproved that choclet is.

Well planned actions, can have a positive on your audience specially if the actions is done for shock value. Keeping the audience focused on a key point. The spin he used when he got kidnapped.

A simple tactic to discredit people, is laughing. Gets attention, may stop the person talking. Which gives space to bring a counter attack to the person you are arguing against.

If needed/opportunity for appeal, spin a bad situation into a good one. Even if it’s a “one in a life time thing”.

Constant, ill representations of some one you oppose helps discredit their validity regardless of how true they are. “public bashing”

When faced against clear facts, agree to them but diminish its attack. By comparing it to other examples, (cheese and cigarettes) by doing this you can show that, what you are promoting is an acceptable product because there are others like it that have no sanctions.

In thank you for smoking when talking about the harms of smoking and the labeling, he uses education as the big issue to make informed decisions not just pictures. This is effective because his comparison with cheese.


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