Resistance on the Riverfront

I’ve defined my solution to the James River power-line problem to vote in favor of the alternate route instead of the originally proposed one. It would, instead of spreading across the river, cut through the wetlands along the coast of the river up to the Chickahominy switching station. However, many people would be in opposition of this idea, as not only is it significantly more expensive, it is longer in length and impacts the John Smith trail and the surrounding wetlands.

Of those in opposition, Dominion is extremely against this alternative route; they claim it to be considerably worse in comparison to the first suggested route. This chart, in Hearing Examiner Alexander Skirpan’s final report on August 29th 2013, he summarizes the impacts of both suggested routes:

Hearing Examiner’s report; page 11, August 29th, 2013

The chart shows that the alternate, which I am for, is extremely outrageous economically and environmentally. The difference in cost and land consumption alone makes their argument for the original plan to feel like the better option. Therefore, any number of taxpayers and conservationists could also oppose this alternate solution.

Another party that can be assumed in opposition would be environmentalists in an attempt to prevent Virginia wetlands from being scarred more by industrialization. Where the original route could possibly ruin the James by destroying its sturgeon population and kicking up muck from under the sand, cutting through Virginia’s wetlands could also equally impose on the environment. Real estate owners will also be affected; just because they don’t own waterfront property doesn’t mean that the homes in the second suggested area will not lose value.

As a resident of the Historic Triangle area, I can only do so much. I can post comments in the Last Word section of the local paper, attempt to make the problem more known at an expense to myself, or completely disregard it and leave the big boys to decide. Where Dominion has its name and its established empire, I have an associate’s degree in Social Sciences and youth. The best I can do is to appeal to our local paper enough to perhaps persuade interest in the topic, and hope that the State Corporation Commission makes the right decision.

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