Why could this not work? (#8)

My plan could potentially work, and it would be great if it did. In the end there’s basically three groups that have to agree, SGA, the office of fraternity and sorority life and Longwood officer such as Tim Pierson. The SGA usually sides with other authoritative positions, so it comes down to convincing the office of Fraternity and Sorority life. This could be tricky since at one point, they were complete trying to kill all off campus Fraternities and Sororities. Also if this plan were to be enacted it would mean more work for this office, they would have to process paper work about what the Fraternities and Sororities have been up to or were up to. It would mean time processing what level to put the organizations on, it would mean time for them to revise the plan. Those are some extra task that they will have to take on, but probably not the most challenging. The most challenging task they will have, would be to make sure that no new “Fraternities and Sororities” pop left and right without being an extension of a national group. Longwood already has many Fraternities and Sororities. If more pop up every year because it’s easy to become recognized, the office of Fraternity and Sorority life would have to expand. This cost comes at the expense of Longwood or they could raise the fees that on campus organizations have to pay, so that could be another set of people that could resist the plan. The plan could be modified by the office of Fraternity and Sorority life, but then we would have to convince figure heads like Tim Pierson that this is a good idea. Tim Pierson has worked at the school for a while, and has seen what other students in the past have done on these off campus Fraternities and/or Sororities. He does not directly work with this off campus organizations, so his views might be antiquated and hard to change. For this proposal to work there has to be a way to showTim Pierson how this organizations, have changed and how the mentality has changed. Ways to do that would be to convince the office of Fraternity and Sorority life to have a conference with delegates from each organization, Tim and Wolfgang. Another way could be showing evidence of the change in mentality, police reports could be beneficial if they have decreased in the past five years. Rotunda articles talking about these organizations in a well regard would help too. Finally if we can get students to vote or rally for this plan it would force all of the stakeholders to highly consider the proposal. After all the University is here to serve it’s students, Having students sign a petition, or even gather together protesting for the change would put pressure for actions to be taken. The forces of resistance are pretty strong, but not impossible to overcome. All it would take is persistence and good ethics when doing so, professionalism from all the organizations would be key for this to succeed along with collaboration.

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