Resisting Sex Education

The word resist means, to withstand, strive against, or oppose. ( In context this means if someone was against a certain thing then they would resist it or go agasint that particular situation. In the case of sex education, being that there are two types that I am talking about, more than likely some people are going to resist one more than the other. Since I am fighting for comprehensive education to be taught in schools, I am going to talk about the reasons why people may resist the option for this type of sex education to be allowed in schools.

First of all, the people that would resist the change from abstinence-only sex education to comprehensive sex education would be the teenagers parents or people who do not believe all areas containing to sex should be taguht in schools. The reasons for this would be because, in the parents mind, they want to keep their child away from knowing all the aspects relating to sex for as long as they can; the parents want their child to only know about the basics of sex. Religious values might also play a role when it comes to sex education. When dealing with religious beliefs more than likely they believe that they should remain a virgin until marriage. In this case a parent might resist comprehensive sex education due to the fact that it goes into detail, condoms, birth control, STD’s, etc. These were the main issues I could find of why parents would resist comprehensive sex education. I could not find much on money, I know that the goverment pays for sex education so the schools  have to adbide by the goverments rules. I found that more and more schools are starting to teach about sexually transmitted diseases, which goes along with the comprehsive education curriculum. With that said, I do not see where the government would be an issue.

Hopefully there is not much resisting with the comprehensive sex education program because it truly is what is best for the students and we should all want what is best for them.

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