Farmers Resistance to a Solution (Blog #8)

Farmers are an important part of the pollution in the Chesapeake Bay.

                 My solution for the pollution issue in the Chesapeake Bay, due to agricultural runoff, is to incorporate cost effective conversations practices to all the farms in Virginia and Maryland that we possibly can. These practices are streamside buffers, stream side fencing, nutrient management plans, continuous no-till, and cover crops. My solutions take lots of time and money to efficiently enforce but without them pollution will continue to occur. Another issue with putting my solution into force is the farmers complying with these solutions.

Farmers bring the resistance in this issue. Their resistance is based on a few things. One is they believe they won’t produce the same amount of crops as they do with chemical fertilizers. Two continuous no till and cover crops also produce a different amount of crops or it could harm their business in general. The farmers resistance is more of a moral resistance rather than political. There also can be other resistance to this idea coming from environmentalists or land owners in Virginia near streams and rivers. This is because the fencing and buffers add a change to the land and this change might not be accepted by all because it doesn’t keep the area as visually appealing as before. However, this resistance could easily be changed if many different people come together to persuade and convince them how much this will help the pollution problem in the bay.

I believe farmers are the most resistant to these solutions, this because these solutions could affect their business and their lives. Like most business owners, the success of their business is what matters most to them and other factors are pushed aside. If locals of Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Bay enthusiasts come together then there is a better chance to persuade more farmers to implement these practices. Resistance needs to be diminished between farmers and the solution practices in order for pollution to be decreased.

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