Why not Take Advantage?

Kyle Phelps

Knowing that Longwood University only has a 42% graduation rate still will not force people to find a solution to improve this number.  People will always resist or resent the fact that if someone comes up with a solution they will not take the opportunity to use it.  That is why I am well aware of the fact that the solution that I have come up with that many people will resist or resent it from the start.  I have thought of a few people and groups that will not like my idea of having a program on the weekend and having a class if they do so choose to take to help them graduate on time and get into the real world quicker to where they can start there next chapter in life.

Groups that would resent or resist my idea of having each student to have the same level of preparedness there must be a mandatory four day even just like New Lancer Days for the transfer students to attend.  This would help out the transfer students in a big way and that leads to improving their academic and social skills which in the long run leads to a better four year graduation rate for Longwood University.  New transfer students should have to be attending a mandatory weekend event on their first weekend on campus so they can get acquainted with Longwood University.  In addition, if they feel like they need to take a class like LSEM they can if they want too.  There may be some resistance to this idea because some people may feel they already been in college and transferred here and should feel ready right when they get here but that is not always the case.

Students may resist this idea because they are sometimes lazy and do not want to have to go to a program on the weekend and have to sign up for an extra class.  They may not want to spend their weekend going to a program but instead would rather hang out with friends.  Also the parents may not like this idea of having to spend more money on an extra class for their child.  In addition, the faculty may resist this solution because they may feel as if the transfer students has already been going to a college school for the past two years and should already know how college life is by now.  Also the faculty may not want to come in on the weekend for a few hours when they have already been working all week. 

Hopefully people will take the opportunity and take the time to set aside a few hours of their weekend to help better their future and get into the real world sooner rather than later.

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