Should all off-campus Fraternities/Sororities be treated the same (#6 redefining)

As I have been writing these blogs, I realized that there is way too many issues. As a result I have missed the main point. There’s three situations that these off-campus Fraternities and Sororities fall in. First situation and probably the most problematic, DTX or “Delta” has been kicked off from campus, and has remained that way since a long time ago. Seemingly like they want to come back, if they don’t want to be back on campus, because they don’t want to obey certain regulations that everyone obeys by. Then maybe they have to be dealt in another way, and not necessarily ┬áby trying to bring them on-campus. The second situation entails the Fraternities and sororities that have been kicked off recently. Which are AXP, TKE and ZXA, the most recent one being ZXA who was recolonized and old members weren’t allowed back and became ZXA. What do we know about these organizations? They have broken the rules, the rules that everyone is “supposed” to follow, I put that in quotes because it is evident that even on-campus Fraternities and Sororities break the rules at one point or another. Sometimes making it seem more like a game of who can hide it better. Also we know that not all the brothers and sisters were responsible for the organizations being kicked off. Which is why I believe that they should have a chance to present their case, and given the opportunity to come back as an on campus organization. Finally the final situation is the one that Gamma Psi and ABY are involved in, and the least problematic according to Wolfgang Amadeus director of Fraternity and Sorority life. These two are local organizations, although Gamma Psi has been in other schools it has never been nationally recognized, and ABY was founded here. Gamma Psi has had issues with the school in the past, when it came down to trying to get on campus. Those issues were because of members that have been graduated for a long time. ABY has just never been on-campus. With that being said the big picture issue comes down to this, there’s not a system in place to deal with these situations. There’s no clear cut answer of what a fraternity can do to address these students, and yet these students miss out on opportunities. I have preached about how they can’t join SGA or Honor Board. I have recently found out about another restriction, on-campus fraternities and recognized organizations can go in front of the SGA and request money for programs such as putting on speakers, doing community events and such. I can see why this could of been fair in the past, when off campus organizations truly did not want to be on campus. Times have changed and Longwood should change as well, we are dealing with students who will probably only be here for four years. Most of them are 18 to 22 years old. We are not dealing with hooligans, it’s not unreasonable to ask for a method to clean your name or in these case your organization’s name. Our society has courts, and penalties for breaking rules. These penalties and consequences are given to make the accused become a better person. I truly the same can be done with some of this groups. And why not everyone deserves a second chance, forget and forgive right? Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, that is why it’s called the present. Longwood should make the most out of this present, and pave the road for a more beneficial future for students.

Just for clarification

DTX – AKA Delta, Delta Tau Chi

TKE – Tau Kappa Epsilon

AXP – Alpha Chi Rho

ZTX- Zeta Chi Alpha

ABY – Alpha Beta Psi




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