Resistance-Blog 8

The group that will resistance and resent my solution is most is Longwood University.  It is going to be extra work on the university not to mention if they do send a check out to the student at the end of their career at Longwood that will be money that they are loosing because as of right now they are keeping that money.  I think that the school will resist mostly because of the money they will be loosing and the extra work it causes for administration.  One benefit this would have on the university is because it will benefit the reputation of Longwood.  If Longwood does implement this policy of giving the unused bonus dollars back then Longwood would be perceived by the community and students in a positive way.  Right now, I feel like the school system is who is currently responsible for this problem because they could have changed the policy but this is why I need to work hard to convince them to change it.  They have a lot of influence over the policies for meal plans because they obviously have the final say what goes and what doesn’t. If i want to convince Longwood to change their minds about giving the unused bonus dollars back to the student at the end of their career at Longwood, I am going to have to really show them how much it could help them too by building up their reputation even more.  I think it is a possible change because I know Longwood is a good school and they are very good about helping out their students with anything they need.

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