Local & Institutional Resistance

Blog 8
By: Alison Tyler

My two solutions:

1. To make the schools a more secure place, meaning more security officers in schools, more security cameras, and more patrols outside of schools.

2. To have the community work together in reducing crime levels, meaning coming forward and giving a testimony if a crime was witnessed and helping in anyway to solve crimes.

These solutions may sound good on paper but in reality it would take a lot of money, time, and effort to commit to these solutions. Making schools a more secure place will include money and effort from the schools and the police departments. Having the community work together in reducing crime levels will include everyone working and living in the community.

However these groups may or probably will resent or resist my solution. Those who resist my first solution may feel that it involves too much money. Installing more security in schools is definitely expensive but in long run it could save lives. I know parents would feel a lot better sending their children to a secure school and not having to worry about what might happen. I know a secure school will allow to teachers and other staff to feel better as well. A happy staff can influence children’s education in so many ways. Those who resist my second solution may feel that it is dangerous and too time consuming. It is certainly time consuming and I can be dangerous but with the proper precautions the community can catch the bad guys. If they know everyone is keeping an eye open looking for trouble they may be more resistant in committing a crime. A secure community can create a happy community.

Each group has a strong influence over these solutions. In order to implement them it will take money, time, and effort. But aside from costs of these solutions wouldn’t everyone benefit in the long run? I believe so. I believe that a secure school will create higher education and secure community will create happier residents and workers.

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