Don’t Push Me ‘Cause I’m Close to the Edge

Resistance against new programs is very common, because it is just natural for people not to like new things. It happens and there is no real way to change that. But it is possible to make the change easier and when it is easier, people are going to go along with the change without too much hesitation. New Lancer Days has to change slightly every year to accommodate the growing number of students that attend New Lancer Days every year.

Resistance is expected with every new program that is put into affect, and I expect resistance for the Basic Medical Awareness seminar. I believe the most resistance is going to come from the students who do not want to attend yet another seminar during their first weekend at college. This is why it is important to do this seminar during New Lancer Days because there is going to be a massive number of students who won’t attend a weekend or after-class seminar. While this seminar will be more exciting than sitting through the reading of the Student Handbook, it will not be a rage party by any means. New freshman want to explore everything that Farmville has to offer, and that is going to cause their attention span to be virtually non-existent. The important thing is to keep the seminar short, sweet, and to the point so student’s minds don’t wander.

Other than student resistance, I do not expect other kinds of resistance to occur. There might be some institutional resistance in the beginning because it will require the schedule to change for New Lancer Days, but the purpose of the seminar is to educate students and begin the process of creating citizen leaders. With the end goal being so positive for both students and the University as a whole, there shouldn’t be too much resistance from Longwood.

Longwood University prides itself in making students Citizen Leaders

Over all, this proposal is meant to better the lives of those students who chose to come to Longwood. This is not supposed to make every Longwood students an EMT or a paramedic. This seminar is supposed to teach students how to react in an emergency situation. Swift and calm reactions to a variety of medical emergencies is going to make the difference in the health of a patient. The important of proper reaction to an emergency can prove lifesaving for some emergencies. By knowing how to react, and the proper way to treat medical emergencies, Longwood University is going to become a safer place for everyone who comes to campus.

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