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Honors 495 – Love, Sex and Friendship

This course was very similar to the CTZN 110 course that I took my first semester because we read a lot of philosophical readings. This class was split into different sections throughout the semester regarding readings of love, sex, and friendship. The readings in this class were very challenging, and most of the time required background knowledge of the author. Although, they were challenging they opened up my views on these important topics of life.

Below is a paper I wrote for this class regarding Erotic Love. I wrote this paper in terms of my opinion on why Kierkegaard does not display true love in his writing The Diary of The Seducer. 

Bio 120 Honors

Although I enjoyed Bio 120, it made me realize I did not want to be a biology major anymore and instead a criminal justice one. During this class we participated in many labs and learned about things like the structure of the cell, as well as the ecosystem. It was a interesting class, and very well organized. We learned how to write a full lab report.

Below is a section of materials and methods from one of the lab reports I constructed during my time in the class. We were testing the growth of bacteria off of cell phone screens.

CTZN 110 Honors

My citizen class was ethics based. We covered topics from abortion to the death penalty. This class was filled with philosophy readings, as well as factual readings. This class helped me build in note taking. One of the requirements to pass the class was to get a satisfactory grade on one of the set of notes we took out from the readings from the whole semester. This class also required a lot of participation and argumentation. I learned how to factually argue, and speak my opinion while also maintaining a valid argument.

These were the set of notes I received a satisfactory grade on which allowed me to pass the class.