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Outcome 3: Slanted News Concerning Immigration- English 150

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Earlier, in my English 150 class we were asked to write an annotated bibliography on the article, “Slanted Newspaper Coverage of Immigration: The Importance of Economics and Geography”, written by Regina P. Branton and Johanna Dunaway. After I was returned my paper, I realized how poorly I had written it. I committed simple mistakes, like punctuation errors to more complex ones like messing up my thesis terribly by not including enough information in it. Below, the sections in red show where I committed mistakes along with comments on how I could have improved it and what outcome I fulfilled from it.

Slanted News concerning Immigration

Part One

“Slanted Newspaper Coverage of Immigration: The Importance of Economics and Geography” written by Regina P. Branton and Johanna Dunaway compares different factors such as approximation to the border with Mexico and media ownership in relation to the negative slant in news when covering the immigration topic. Both authors attempt to explain why so many news have a slanted view on immigration. This article could be of special interest to immigrants themselves along with journalists and politicians interested in the immigration topic. The article is divided into sections addressing the different influences on the media. Evidence or information used in the article is backed up by well-known sources. The authors have an objective attitude, which allows readers to form their own opinion.

Part Two

Branton, Regina and Johanna Dunaway. “Slanted Newspaper Coverage of Immigration: The Importance of Economics and    Geography.” n. page. Print.

Underneath, I should have added what the article concluded. By understanding what my thesis should have included I fulfilled the outcome of: “[Developing] knowledge of conventions for different kinds of texts and [demonstrating] substantial control of the conventions of Edited American English.”

In Regina P. Branton and Johanna Dunaway’s article, “Slanted Newspaper Coverage of Immigration: The Importance of Economics and Geography”, they compare different factors such as approximation to the border with Mexico and media ownership in relation to the negative slant in news when covering the immigration topic.

Although it is expected that journalists keep their political beliefs to themselves, most Americans view the news as slanted. Media critics offer an explanation to the slant in news “. . . the news has a liberal slant because most journalists are liberal or (ii) the news has a conservative slant because their corporate parent companies have conservative police interests or for other reasons” (Groseclose & Milyo, 2005). Branton and Dunaway mention how news organizations focus on the particular trends such as sex, violence and crime, explaining how negative topics attract more audience. “In the case of immigration, if news organizations perceive their audiences to be negatively oriented toward immigration, we may see negative slant in coverage of immigration.” (257). “Recent research also demonstrates that profit-seeking by media organization can lead to slanted news coverage.” (261).

Research suggests that attitudes toward immigration depend on their geographic location. Individuals located closer to the U.S.-Mexico border rate immigration as the “most important problem facing the country” while those further away are less sensible about the topic. In order to attract more audience, news organizations closer to the border have a more negative slant towards immigration issues. Studies also demonstrate how media ownership is associated with a negative media slant regarding immigration.

California newspapers were used to evaluate media coverage on immigration topics. The reason for this was because California shares a border with Mexico, it has many newspapers online and because its newspapers are geographically dispersed throughout the state, making it easier to compare the impact of proximity to Mexico on newspaper coverage regarding immigration. Although the project focused on media coverage of immigration, research proposes that media coverage focuses on a specific topic overall depending on its geographic location.

Outcome 2: New Lancer Days Reflection- LSEM

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In my Longwood Seminar class, we were assigned to write a reflection about our thoughts prior to starting college and how they have changed. In the assignment, we were also required to explain why we chose to come to Longwood University and what we hope to get out of our college experience. Although I managed to have a create opening, I made quite a number of punctuational errors, which are marked in red below. After having revised my Longwood Seminar paper, I am glad to say that I fulfilled one outcome for my English 150 class. I was able to “reflect on and make judgments about [my] own texts and writing processes” .

New Lancer Days Reflection

“Five minutes until your arrival at Longwood University”, my navigation system informed me. At that moment, the common phrase “I have butterflies in my stomach” was an understatement. The day I had been dreading yet anxious for all summer was finally here, no more going back to mom and dad; from this point on I had to rely on myself. As those last five minutes flew by, a variety of thoughts went through my mind nonstop, worrying about eaten alone at the cafeteria and getting along with my roommate to finishing my work on time.

Below, I should have divided the sentence in bold into two sentences. By revising my paper and noticing the mistake I committed, I fulfilled the outcome of “[reflecting] on and [making] judgments about [my] own texts and writing processes” .

New Lancer Days somehow eliminated most of my fears. As I participated in activities with my Longwood Seminar class, we shared our thoughts and feelings about this new beginning, allowing me to understand how although we are all unique individuals we all had somewhat of the same fears and concerns about college and that it is perfectly normal to feel this way. At first, when I read the schedule for New Lancer Days I felt a bit overwhelmed and annoyed, thinking that we weren’t going to have a lot of alone time to relax but ow as I reflect over y first days of college, I am thankful that they were scheduled the way they were because it allowed me to meet new people, not feel homesick and ultimately feel involved and part of my new Longwood community. After being here for almost a month, I feel comfortable in this new environment. All my worries about making friends and getting my work done have disappeared because I realize that when it comes to my studies, time management is the key and making friends is a process although I’m happy to report that so far it’s been going fairly well.

By the end of this semester I hope to earn a 3.6 GPA or higher as a result of turning in all my work and studying. Another goal of min is to make more fiends by getting involved in a variety of activities and going a club or two. My greatest feat is to get distracted causing me to not understand the material we cover in class and as a result perform poorly on my exams, for this reason I have carved the words “time management” and “focus” into my brain. I believe that in order for me to make this college experience a good one, I need to balance my work with my social life.

Finally being able to call myself a college student is an honor but I also understand the responsibilities that the name carries with it. Being a college student implicates being a responsible person inside and outside of the classroom. In other words, it requires me to focus and participate in class, study and finish my work during my free time but also be kind and friendly with others and simply have fun in a responsible manner. If a friend down the hall is having trouble with something, I will up to what my ability allows me, to help them  whether it is simply having trouble in a certain class or having some sort of family problem.

I believe, or at least I hope, that college will allow me to become a more responsible individual than I am today. Only a few months back, if I were invited to an event I would have picked that in a heart beat instead of choosing to study. Today, I pause and think of whether it will affect my work and make my decision up that, I hope to continue with this sense of responsibility throughout the rest of my life and have a clear understanding of my priorities. I’m usually very shy with people I don’t know, but once I get to know them, I am super outgoing. One of my greatest desires is to get rid of my shyness and replace it with outgoingness when meeting new people, but in order to achieve that I plan on joining different clubs so I can work on my social skills.

In the section in red, I could have instead written, ” learn by having small classes” to make it less wordy. Again, I I fulfilled the outcome of “[reflecting] on and [making] judgments about [my] own texts and writing processes” .

Longwood University can represent different things to different people. To me, Longwood University represents opportunities. Being a lancer gives me the opportunity to meet new people, get to know my professors, understand the information given to me in class by having small classes, participate in community service, become a respectable professional adult and simply be part of a community. I am thankful that Longwood University offers such a wide variety of opportunities, which is why I chose to come here.

Outcome 1: Literary Analysis- English 150

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A few weeks ago, I was assigned to analyze two poems in my English 150 class. I had the choice of picking from three prompts, the one I chose read as follows, “Context can explain meaning too. Using research (from credible sources), explain the history of the times, the experiences of the author, or other social events to explain what both poets were discussing to someone who has tried to read these poems out of context. You might even include how Hughes was ‘talking’ to Whitman.” Although I turned in a rather well written literary analysis, explaining how both poems were having a conversation with one another, there were still many parts I could have improved on. For my thesis, I could have ended by going into more detail of how Hughes was responding to Whitman’s poem.  In my second paragraph, I mentioned a few words the poets included in their pieces of work that seemed to stand out from the rest, but I failed to explain the significance of those words. Despite the errors I made in my literary analysis, this paper fulfilled the writing goals, “Reflect on and make judgments about [my] own texts and writing processes” . I however failed at “develop[ing] flexible processes for engaging in academic writing”.

In the literary analysis below, the sections in red show where or how I could have made some type of improvement.


A Conversation Between Two Poems

Below, I failed at finishing my thesis by explaining what Hughes is responding to Whitman. After revising my paper and understanding how I could have improved it, I was able to fulfill the outcome of “reflect[ing] on and mak[ing] judgments about [my] own texts and writing processes”.

In Walt Whitman’s poem I hear America Singing, he describes or rather attempts to explain how the different individuals in America are what truly make up this country. In his  poem he manages to name the carpenter, the mason and the mother, in other words he names women and men but leaves out the black people. Langston Hughes’ poem I, too, attempts to explain how the “darker brother” also makes up America. One could argue that Hughes is responding to Whitman’s poem through his own.

Below, I should have also explained the significance of the words “The” and “I” in each poem. Again, because I was able to reflect on how I could have improved my paper I fulfilled the outcome of making my own judgments on my own texts and writing processes.

Walt Whitman’s poem, I hear America Singing, was written in 1860 when slavery was still allowed in the south. In his poem he discusses how the different people in America are what truly make it a beautiful country, but fails to mention the black people. One could argue that due to the fact that this poem was written a year before The American Civil War took place, slaves were viewed as just that and not as individuals and for this reason Whitman excludes them from his poem. Hughes’ poem I, too, was written in 1925 during the time of segregation. The poet responds to Whitman by saying that black people also sing America, in other words black people also are what make America a beautiful country. Through out the poem the word “I” and “me” are repeated. The use of repetition in Hughes’ poem is done to show importance to him or the other black people. One could observe how Whitman uses the word “The” followed by different individuals while Hughes on the complete contrary used the word “I”. Whitman and Hughes manage to send a message throughout the simple words they use.

Below I needed to explain the meaning with commentary. Although I managed to explain the poem’s message, I failed the outcome of “[engaging] . . . and incorporating  source material appropriately”.

As one continues to analyze Langston Hughes’ poem, I, too, one realizes that he is telling Whitman that not only he forgot to mention black people but that in the future his other brothers, in other words, the white population wil realize how beautiful their “darker brother” is and will feel ashamed for treating them badly and not considering them as equal individuals.

Although Langston Hughes was never a slave, research shows that he lived with his grandmother who could have been a slave herself. Hughes implies about being a slave although in face he was not, by saying that he was ordered to go eat in the kitchen, ” They send me to eat in the kitchen when company comes (. . .) Tomorrow I’ll be at the table (. . .) Nobody’ll dare Say to me, “Eat in the kitchen,”

I,Too and I Hear America Singing manage to create not only an interesting and intense message but also have a conversation with the reader. At first sight, Walt Whitman’s poem, I Hear America Singing is nothing but a poem with a  beautiful message but when paired up with Langston Hughes’ poem, I, too, one can observe that Hughes is resounding to Whitman’s poem through his own poem and manages to do so in a straight-forward yet respectful manner.


A Glimpse of Me

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Hi, my name is Elizabeth Reategui, but you can call me Lizzie.  I am a freshman pre-business major with a minor in Spanish at Longwood University. The goal of this portfolio is to share some of the papers I have written during my freshman year and with them allow others, especially the Longwood Community to get to know me better.

As I mentioned before, I am a freshman in college. For those who don’t know me, I am a very curious person, sometimes too curious, who thinks and worries a lot about their future and about the person they will become. During my free time, I enjoy participating in outdoor activities with my family and friends, whether it’d be playing some sort of sport, running or even camping. Like many,  I am still trying to find out who I am and I think Longwood is going to help me learn more about the world and ultimately more about myself. I hope to graduate with a degree in Business and a minor in Spanish and with that become a successful businesswoman who helps others.

I’ve recently become a Longwood citizen. Besides wearing my comfy Longwood t-shirts, I haven’t really contributed much to my university. However, I plan to represent my school next fall through club field hockey and also through a sorority.