Incorporating and documenting source material appropriately


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A good majority of papers have other works cited within them. Everything that is put into your paper, that was taken from another source must be documented. This documentation is know as a reference page, that is at the end of the paper. You will see in the excerpt below that I did not do my reference page correctly. This excerpt is from a paper I wrote for my Into to Athletic Training class, the first semester of my freshman year. The papers purpose was to research an injury of our choosing and present it to the upperclassmen and preceptors of the Athletic Training program.



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This is the first paper that I had to write in APA format, which was something I had never done before. Since I wrote this paper I have learned that this page of the paper should be called a reference page, not a bibliography. I also learned that the authors name should go alphabetically, so it is easier for the readers to find what piece of work you are referring too. The last thing that I learned is that the first line of the citation needs to be indented, so the reader can easily tell the citations apart.

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