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a girl taking a picture

a girl taking a picture

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Take Your Best Shot!

Welcome to the official blog of the Longwood University Earth Month photo project, a photo a week project focused on capturing the natural world. We will be collecting photos relating to the four categories. Participants can tweet pictures to #LUearthmonth14 or email them to to be displayed on the blog and considered for judging.

Week 1:  March 29-April 4:  Flora (plant life) or Fauna (animal, bird, insect) or both in a single photo—capture one of Virginia’s plants and/or living creatures in a photograph.

Week 2:  April 5 – 11:  Close Up—get up-close and personal and capture images we don’t even notice as we rush from day to day!  What does the natural world look like under a magnifying glass?

Week 3:  April 12 – 18:  Hand of Man—photos that show evidence of human impact on nature.  These can feature anything from the positive aspects such as birds on a feeder, someone enjoying nature, or efforts to renew or save nature to the negative impact of trash or destruction of habitat.  Where do you see the hand of man when you look at the natural world?

Week 4:  April 19 – 25:  Patterns, Shapes or Textures in nature—there are hundreds of patterns, textures, and shapes in the natural world when you stop to look.  Much of what we’ve designed as humans is based on nature.  Which one appeals most to you?

Display & Awards:  April 28 – May 2:  Selected photos will be printed and on display at Longwood University the last week of April.  Besides impressive bragging rights, some of the very best photographers will receive a full color, canvas print of their photo.


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