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We landed in Dubai about a couple hours ago. As soon as we stepped off the plane I was almost immediately overwhelmed. There are so many people and shops and luggage and pigeons and gardens. They have koi ponds and miniature little rainforest like ecosystems set up at different stops within the terminal. Something the pigeons here seem to take full advantage of. Everyone has been incredibly kind though. I was wandering around and found my way into the hotel that is located within the airport. I imagine it was fairly obvious I was not their usual cliental but no one said anything. In fact they gave me rather delicious green apples to snack on as I walked around the hotel. While it is exciting be in a new place, I am exhausted. I think the remainder of the couple hours here at the airport will be spent sitting down and sleeping. Maybe a bit of lethargically trying to consume some chicken fries from Burger King.