Moving into Dehli

We woke up around 6:30 to pack our things in preparation to head to Bangalore to catch a plane to Delhi. While we waited Jessica and I played a bit of table tennis, neither of is were particularly gifted to the excitement in the morning was at a minimum as some of our grouped watched su continually miss shots. But we were soon packed and headed to the airport.

We made our way onto the plane to Delhi and truth be told I don’t remember much about the flight. I was pretty asleep most of the trip. I do know however we did it a bit of turbulance that even seemed tot ake the crew by surprise and that around us sat a group of Buddhist monks and people that worked for the Free Tibet organization. However, I realized this after I woke up and we were about to get off the plane. Too late.

We made our way to the hotel and settled in. Had some toast to put something in our stomachs before receiving a quick tour of Delhi. We wanted to seem non conspicuous. Luckily our van took care of that. It was a massive van with the word TOURIST scrawled out across the windshield in large bubble letters. We fit right in. We saw the India Gate, the Vice President’s house, the High Court and we stopped in at the biggest temple in India.

Built in 2000 and is still being finished up. It was almost like this strange Hindu Disney Worls. They even had an animatronic boat ride that took you through the marvels of India’s past. I think some minor fact checking is in order about just how far in the past the Indians developed Atomic Theory, Aerodynamics and Space travel. SOme of the claims seemed a little unreasonable. But it definitely bought up some debate about the public rhetoric of animatronic lazy river guides through history. They even served Coca-Cola products in the food court! The official light beverage of the Hindu deities. But for all of it’s strangeness, the temple was breathtaking. Massive murals, carvings mimicking life and it just seemed to go on and on. When you were inside and faced up it almost looked like you were staring into an optical illusion carved in stone. It was gorgeous.

But I have come all this way without bringing up the security of the place. Which was…intense to put it mildly. We were asked to wait for a security check where we were divided up between boys and girls. While in line we read over the things we were prohibited to take in. Every one thing we were caught with was a 100 rupee fine. There was the standard things: guns, knives, etc. But then it got strange, no pens, outside food or beverage, notepads, cameras, drawings, anything of mild usage really. We had to scarff down my Goldfish crackers in line and thrown away our pens. As we entered the checkpoint we stepped through a metal detector that went off on every person and we were all frisked. Quite generously at that. The security here was tighter than some prisons.

At the end of the day we ate in the Hotel restaurant and walked around Delhi for about an hour. And alright day I’d say.

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