Blog 4: Literacy Tools

Useful for vocabulary:

  • Lexipedia is a visual thesaurus. The user can type in any word in the search bar, and the website generates words that correlate to the word that was searched. It provides the definition of the word that was searched, and the definitions and part of speech of all the words that correlate to it. It is visually appealing and easy for students to navigate.

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Useful for vocabulary:

  • Free Rice is a website that quizzes the user on vocabulary. Instead of providing definitions as options, it provides synonyms for words. For every questions you get correct on this site, the website donates 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme to help end hunger. The more questions you get correct, the more difficult the questions become. The more questions you get wrong, the easier the questions become. The adaptability of the website is useful for students because it will be in their range of knowledge.

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Useful for determining significance of vocabulary:

  • Wordle creates a word cloud based on text that the student can copy and paste into a box on the website. The more often a word appears in a text, the larger the word is in the word cloud. The is a visual representation of the vocabulary and the frequency of the vocabulary used. Students should not totally rely on it as a guide, but I believe it would be useful for students who are stuck and do not know which vocabulary words are most prominent in a text.


Useful for giving feedback:

Write About is a website that enables students to receive feedback on their work in an organized manner. It also helps students explore different genres by practicing them digitally. Feedback is important for students so they know what they are doing well and what they need to improve upon.

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3 thoughts on “Blog 4: Literacy Tools”

  1. These seem great and like they would be very helpful in the class. I like how to incorporate wordle with literacy in the class as well.

  2. I never thought of wordel. I completely forgot about it! These are great sources. The only suggestion I would have is to hyperlink the titles of the pages, so people can just click on them. I like the pictures that were included as well.

  3. While the amount of detail is good sometimes a little less on each item would make things easier. On top of that hotlinks would be far better than having text to copy/paste.

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