Blog 3: Criteria and Rubrics

I’m sure many of us have  become accustomed to a rubric that accompanies most assignments. They generally look similar to this:

Image result for grading rubric

In Laura Robb’s book entitled “Teaching Middle School Writers,” she asserts that grading based on criteria is more advantageous than grading based on a rubric. She states, “Teachers can use rubrics or criteria to grade and respond to student work but often, teachers or publishers design rubrics whereas teachers and students design criteria” (159).

In my placement for Education 473, I am teaching my unit on media and persuasiveness. Near the end of the unit, the students will create a blog post exploring any particular topic they wish, as long as it ties into media and is school appropriate. Based on Robb’s stance on criteria versus rubric, I want to collaborate with my students in order to create criteria that is realistic, but still challenges them to think critically. I think this process will empower the students, and ensure everyone is on the same page in regards to the blog project.

3 thoughts on “Blog 3: Criteria and Rubrics”

  1. Dani I really like this idea! Rubrics are so great for students, and for teachers to use. When you do your rubric do you plan on doing a holistic rubric or no? Rubrics help keep everyone on track, and I am very excited to see how this goes for you!

  2. I love that you want to create it with your students. I think they will have a better understanding of your expectations for their posts!

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