Blog 2: Breaking Walls Down

In more classes at Longwood than I can count, I have been taught a substantial amount about the varying array of students I will have in my future classroom. I want my classroom to be very discussion driven and have a large amount of collaboration between students.

After visiting my placement for the past few weeks, I am starting to realize how difficult it may be to have participation from all my students. I have seen students who are disengaged, reluctant, or sometimes even resentful to the curriculum. This has made me think more about what paths I might take in an effort to break these students’ walls down. I want more than anything to have an inclusive and supportive classroom.

I do not yet have a definitive solution to this anxiety of mine. I have been thinking of a variety of ways I can try to get students to enjoy time spent in the classroom, but I believe it may take some actual experience and time to determine the most effective strategies.

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2 thoughts on “Blog 2: Breaking Walls Down”

  1. I agree with Megan that research would help. Also, the picture’s tie in is not perfectly clear. Maybe an image of someone stressed out would do better instead? Finally do not forget to cite things.

  2. Such an honest real concern and definitely felt by teachers everywhere. Maybe research a few suggested strategies and add them to this blog! Also you could continue this post by updating how your experience changes and if you can find a way to get some of the students more involved!

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