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Nov 02

#TechTipThursday: Canvas Teacher App

Canvas recently unveiled a new app that will allow instructors to do work on the go. This app allows you to do the three basic tasks that we all do rather frequently – grading, communicating, and updating things such as assignments, announcements, and grades. The Canvas Teacher app is available for iOS and Android devices. …

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Oct 05

#TechTipThursday: Nearpod

Engaging learners inside the classroom can present numerous challenges, many of which seem to grow exponentially more difficult when attempting to engage learners outside of the classroom. With the help of Nearpod instructors can bring interaction to the classroom by enhancing tools that may already be in use, such a PowerPoint, PDFs, or document types. Nearpod …

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Apr 06

#TechTipThursday: GitHub as a Collaborative Tool

GitHub is a tool fairly new to the Instructional Technology Collaborators although some of us have used GitHub in support of academic requirements. Today’s #TechTipThursday will introduce users to the set up and initial use of GitHub as a collaborative tool for coding projects.  This post focuses on the tool’s web interface but there are other options for …

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Mar 23

#TechTipThursday: Introduction to Task Labels

Task Labels is an app that allows you to organize just about every aspect of your life into ‘labels’. You can separate different extracurricular activities, courses, occupations, and even tasks for your everyday life. Within each ‘label’, you can insert various tasks. This app helps you keep your busy life in order; you can access the web version …

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Nov 04

At Longwood, We T.H.I.N.K. Before We Post


Grounded in our vision “to serve as an agent for personal, professional, and academic growth in a technology mediated environment,” the Digital Education Collaborative showcased our commitment to the promotion of responsible behavior in online environments. This past week, October 27 – October 31, the DEC hosted Digital Citizenship Week for Longwood University. The event took place, …

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Apr 14

Google Apps for Education on 4/15/14

Come join us for good food and great ideas! 12:15 pm on 4/15/2014 “Google Apps for Education” with Jeff Everhart Are you interested in storing and editing documents in the cloud? Are you looking for ways to share, collaborate or communicate at a distance? Do you or your organizations need flexible ways to create schedules …

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Apr 13

*New on April 16* Nights at the Library with the ITCs

Students: Are you concerned about the end of the semester? Do you need, or want, to know what final exam grade is needed to help you pass that worrisome class? Are you not sure what to do if you have trouble in the middle of an exam on Canvas? We can help! Join us for …

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Mar 12

15 in 45: Web 2.0 Apps for Education

Come join us for good food and great ideas! 12:00 pm on 03/14/2014 “15 in 45: Web 2.0 Apps for Education” with Sarai Blincoe and Jeff Everhart Over the last several years, the word ‘app’ has come to describe a variety of helpful applications for the web, mobile devices and smart phones. No one person …

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Feb 19

5 Tips for Professional Podcasts

In this post we will look at five easy tips that will make your podcasts sound professional. In the age of information overload, it is simple for your audience to tune out or find another source. The best way to attract and keep an audience is to prepare a polished and professional sounding product. 1. …

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