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#TechTipThursday: Introduction to Task Labels

Task Labels is an app that allows you to organize just about every aspect of your life into ‘labels’. You can separate different extracurricular activities, courses, occupations, and even tasks for your everyday life. Within each ‘label’, you can insert various tasks. This app helps you keep your busy life in order; you can access the web version …

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#TechTipThursday: Taking Notes in the PowerPoint App

Instructors’ frequently use PowerPoint to convey course material, whether in an online, hybrid or face-to-face class. As is likely the case at other institutions, Longwood University instructors often share lecture notes in advance of a class session. When taking notes for class, it can be helpful to type in the notes section or type directly into the …

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#TechTipThursday: Printing the notes from a PowerPoint presentation

Many professors use PowerPoint slides to present lecture information. Instructors will often add additional information, in the Notes section (see red box in the first graphic below), that is not visible during a PowerPoint presentation. This feature can also be useful when you, yourself, have to give a presentation. The ability to have notes to …

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