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Nov 02

#TechTipThursday: Canvas Teacher App

Canvas recently unveiled a new app that will allow instructors to do work on the go. This app allows you to do the three basic tasks that we all do rather frequently – grading, communicating, and updating things such as assignments, announcements, and grades. The Canvas Teacher app is available for iOS and Android devices. …

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Sep 21

#TechTipThursday: Using the Canvas App

As we are settling into the fall semester the Digital Education Collaborative wants to offer students a reminder of the free and handy way to manage academic deadlines and communicate with professors. Taking Canvas on-the-go with the Canvas app, by Instructure, can be easy and convenient! Students are able to receive notifications, reply to messages, and participate …

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Feb 23

#TechTipThursday: Overview of Bear

Bear is a flexible writing app for composing anything from notes to prose to blogs. It works on all OS devices so you can write whenever, wherever. You can link notes to each other to build one comprehensive body of text. Its functionality is beyond Apple’s built-in Notes application and offers a, free, simple white theme. Users …

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Sep 22

#TechTipThursday: Taking Notes in the PowerPoint App

Instructors’ frequently use PowerPoint to convey course material, whether in an online, hybrid or face-to-face class. As is likely the case at other institutions, Longwood University instructors often share lecture notes in advance of a class session. When taking notes for class, it can be helpful to type in the notes section or type directly into the …

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Apr 07

#TechTipThursday: Just Get Flux for your “Blue Light Blues”

For many, gone are the days of falling asleep at night while reading a book. Now, especially with the prevalence of highly capable smart phones, books give way to mobile devices (or laptops) for one last scroll through the Facebook/Twitter feed, making sure all recent Snapchats have been viewed, sending “just one last email” or reading an e-book. …

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Mar 04

*Videos* from 1st Semi-Annual Student Tech Showcase

We held our first, semi-annual, Student Tech Showcase earlier this week. Four (4) members of the Instructional Technology Collaborator team spent 10-15 minutes each, connecting a DEC-supported technology to the teaching and/or learning experience. These presentations were part of the 4th tier of the ITC Badging Program and serve as the implementation component of a 3rd tier badge, Presentation Design. …

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Oct 15

#TechTipThursday: Recording from your iPhone/iPad

Having the ability to record the screen of your iOS device, with or without audio, is helpful as technology becomes increasingly integrated with the teaching and learning experience. Consider a situation in which a professor wants students to navigate a specific application outside of class to complete an assignment and/or students are required to submit confirmation …

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Apr 23

#TechTipThursday: Guided Access

Guided Access is an accessibility setting that is helpful when working with children on a mobile device. This setting locks the iPad/iPhone in a specific application and can also disable a specific section(s) of the screen. This will prevent children from navigating around the device and accessing other applications. This post will offer guidance for enabling …

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Mar 26

#TechTipThursday: WebEx Meetings Mobile App

WebEx is an interactive educational app that allows users to participate in online meetings and provides convenient features such as interactive and shared screen options. Users will be allowed to invite participants, present content and interact through audio and visual displays in such a way that simulates the typical classroom environment. An additional benefit is that …

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