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Alexis, Instructional Technology Collaborator Sophomore Biology Major “My favorite thing about being an ITC is all of the opportunities we have to grow. As ITC’s we get to learn new technology skills as well as perfect our people skills. Working on campus also gives us the advantage of working with many professors and students, and gives …


David, Instructional Technology Collaborator Senior Business Administration Major with a concentration in Information Systems and Cyber Security “My favorite part about being an ITC is being able to work within an environment that helps provide facilities for learning and encourages others to explore.” 

Emma Grace

Emma Grace, Instructional Technology Collaborator Sophomore Communication Studies Major with a Minor in Political Science “My favorite part about working as an ITC is the community. I have so much fun with all the people I work with and we are constantly learning new things from each other.” Favorite Song: Remember When by Wallows


Faith, Instructional Technology Collaborator Sophomore Psychology and Criminology/Criminal Justice Major with a Minor in Homeland Security  “My favorite part of being an ITC is the people I work with! I also really like the fact that I get to work with professors, staff, and students on campus. Another thing I really like about working for the ITC …


Gavin, Instructional Technology Collaborator Sophomore Liberal Studies Major “My favorite thing about being an ITC is that I get to use different kinds of technology. All of the technology we use in the office or help professors use is used in the classroom. Getting a chance to use and understand how to use technology in …


Jess, Instructional Technology Collaborator Senior Anthropology and Archaeology Major “I enjoy being an ITC because it has allowed me to grow professionally but all while having fun. I love working with professors, staff, and students and helping them to further their knowledge about the technology we support at the DEC. I have also made life long …




Sarah, Instructional Technology Collaborator Junior, Liberal Studies concentrating in Elementary Education with a Minor in Communication Studies “I love being an ITC because of the people I work with! I work with a diverse group of people with different areas of expertise and approaches to problem-solving, so working together with them always offers new insights. …


  Sierra, Instructional Technology Collaborator Senior, Kinesiology “My favorite part about being an ITC is the people I work with. We are like one big family here and always willing to help one another. They also help you grow as a person!” Favorite Song: Anything Country


Tyler, Instructional Technology Collaborator Senior Business Administration with a Concentration in Information Systems and Cyber Security “My favorite part of being an ITC is getting to think about how to use different technologies in the classroom. It’s also been nice getting to meet faculty from different departments. I enjoy the atmosphere, there is always something new …

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